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Hi! I'm Joesus. I've been walking around on this planet for 22 years not knowing I am the Messiah.

My mother recently cleared this up for me by announcing that she was a virgin when she had me at the dinner table (she announced that at the dinner table - she actually had me in a trailer park).

You might notice that my sentences have the rambling storytelling quality to them - and although memorable, they are sometimes grammatically incorrect. This explains why my Words are so misinterpreted from my first stay on this planet. I hope to clear up the confusion on this site (those poor Catholics are in for a suprise!).

So now that I know that I am the one True Lord and Messiahİ, I have decided to bring my message to the World the way Nikeİ and Coca-Colaİ are doing it - through the Internet!

Please be patient as I build this page - I have to figure out how a 21st Century Messiah is going to make sheckels on EBayİ.
And please be careful with the emails - I am the forgiving type - but Dad (omniscient) can fly into fits of rage and He's just the type to make me start Armegeddon before I get all the coding done ...

God is Good - But never dance in a small boat.

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